Gathering Place

Valuing Aboriginal Voices

At, we believe in the power and importance of Indigenous voices. We seek to amplify these voices, providing an open platform for Aboriginal individuals and communities to share their stories, art, poetry, and insights connected to their Places of Gathering.

Indigenous Media Platforms

There are numerous online spaces where Indigenous perspectives are given the prominence they deserve. We’ve curated a list of trusted sources that consistently feature Aboriginal voices and stories:

NITV (National Indigenous Television)

NITV is an Australian television channel that showcases Indigenous storytelling by and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It offers an array of content, from news and current affairs to rich cultural documentaries. Find their stories at


IndigenousX is an independent Indigenous-run platform that hosts different Indigenous voices every week to share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge, unfiltered and uncompromised. Discover their insights at

Indigenous Artists and Writers

Explore the creative expressions of Indigenous cultures through various artistic and literary forms:

Magabala Books

Magabala Books is Australia's leading Indigenous publishing house. Based in the Kimberley region, it is wholly Indigenous-owned and led, and spreads the voices of Indigenous authors and illustrators across Australia and the world. Browse their collection at

Blak Markets

Blak Markets is a platform that allows you to directly support Indigenous businesses and artists, showcasing their unique artistic creations, from traditional artworks to contemporary interpretations. Support their work at

Connecting with Indigenous Communities

We believe in the importance of direct interaction and engagement with Indigenous communities:

Community-Led Events and Festivals

Aboriginal communities across Australia organize a variety of cultural events and festivals. From dance festivals like the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival to cultural celebrations like NAIDOC Week, these events offer a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with Aboriginal communities. Find out more about these events at and By engaging with these resources, you will gain a deeper understanding of the importance and significance of these sacred sites, embrace the diversity of Aboriginal cultures, and foster a sense of community and appreciation.

Engaging with Indigenous Activism

Understanding the ongoing struggles and activism of Aboriginal communities is a crucial part of amplifying Indigenous perspectives. These are some platforms to learn from:

National Native Title Council (NNTC)

The National Native Title Council is a representative body of native title service providers. Their aim is to ensure that Australia's First Nations people, who aspire to sustainable futures and who hold their culture strong, are supported and led by capable and resourced organisations and people. Learn more at

The Healing Foundation

The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal of children from their families. Their work helps create a different future. Discover their stories at

Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Perspectives

Respecting Indigenous perspectives also means valuing their deep connection with the land and their understanding of environmental preservation:

Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation

Firesticks provides Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to protect, conserve and enhance cultural and natural values of people and country through cultural fire and land management practices. Find out more at

Indigenous Weather Knowledge

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' rich meteorological knowledge through the Indigenous Weather Knowledge (IWK) project. The project aims to show the depth and complexity of this knowledge and how it links environmental and cultural facets of Indigenous life. Explore more at

Participating in Conversation

Through social media platforms, you can engage with Indigenous voices on an ongoing basis. Twitter, for example, often hosts #IndigenousX, a weekly rotating Twitter account with a different Indigenous host each week, sharing their knowledge, experiences, and insights.

By actively seeking out these perspectives, we can collectively amplify Indigenous voices and continue our journey towards greater understanding, respect, and appreciation for Aboriginal cultures and their sacred gathering places.