Gathering Place

Navigating Educational Resources

Our mission at is to guide your journey of exploration and understanding about Aboriginal Places of Gathering. While we do not create our own materials, we’ve gathered a list of trusted and rich sources of learning and educational resources.

Academic and Research Institutions

Academic and research institutions often offer robust and comprehensive educational resources about Aboriginal cultures:

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

AIATSIS is a world-renowned research, collections and publishing organization which promotes understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, traditions, languages and stories. Visit their website at

Aboriginal Studies Press

Aboriginal Studies Press is AIATSIS's publishing arm, providing quality educational resources including books, music, films and more, to help navigate the rich histories and knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of Australia. Find their resources at

Government Resources

Government agencies and departments offer a wealth of materials, including guidelines for respectful interactions, historical accounts, and general information about Aboriginal cultures:

The Australian Government's Department of Education, Skills, and Employment

This department offers resources including teaching strategies, lesson plans, videos, and links to other valuable sources, all designed to promote understanding and appreciation for Indigenous cultures in the context of the Australian curriculum. Discover their resources at

Experiential Learning Opportunities

We are strong advocates for experiential learning, which provides a unique, hands-on approach to understanding Aboriginal cultures:

Field Trips and Guided Tours

We recommend various field trips and guided tours hosted by local Aboriginal communities, where you can experience the richness of Aboriginal cultures firsthand. Websites like Welcome to Country offer a broad range of tours across Australia.

Cultural Immersion Programs

We endorse cultural immersion programs offered by Indigenous communities or cultural centres, providing a deep dive into Aboriginal cultures and traditions. An example is the immersion programs offered by Lurujarri Heritage Trail. As we continue to highlight and promote understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal Places of Gathering, we invite you to delve into these resources and expand your knowledge and appreciation of Indigenous cultures.